It started with body pains which eventually subsided. Then it became  a headache. Not too severe, but still that consistent knock by the sides of her head and all she wanted was for the headache to go away. Little did she know what she thought was just a headache was an alarm to something much bigger.

Symptom; a sign that something exists, usually something bad. She counter attacked with painkillers all to no avail as the more she focused on the symptom instead of the cause or the cure, the more she remained ill.

Once she fought the parasite, the symptoms naturally faded away.

If you want the symptom to leave, cure the sickness. Just like Jesus said wash what is inside the cup and the outside would be clean. Rather, the focus of a natural man would be on the external as that is all he can see.

The major issue is always bigger than what the natural eyes can see. For example, 90% of an iceberg is underwater. If the captain of a ship judges the whole iceberg by what he sees above water it would eventually lead to an accident and even a fatal one like in the case of Titanic.

Deal with the significant issues and irrelevant ones will naturally fall in place – because they are actually quite insignificant.

When a baby cries it’s usually because she wants something. Either she’s hungry, sleepy, does not like being carried a certain way or she could even be scared of the person holding her. You would try to make this baby stop to no avail until that need is met.

Imagine a person suffering from depression and is cutting themselves and what you are only concerned about is giving them band aids for the wounds. Or someone who has attempted suicide and you try locking them in so that they don’t have access to go out. Have you succeeded in helping this issue at all?

It is similar to the way a young girl is ostracized for dressing seductively to church or a young man with a drinking problem. We are quick to buy her long dresses or take away the bottle so that they represent the body of Christ aright, but these things are only signs that something greater needs repair.

It is a heart, mind or a sin problem and once these things are fixed primarily by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, then the external changes begin to occur.

This is why there’s a transformation power in walking with Jesus. Some things you do not consciously do away with just naturally fade out. Peter could also walk on water as long as he kept his eyes fixed on Jesus. Once he looked away he began drowning. The drowning was a sign that his gaze shifted and his situation would immediately change if only he regained focus.

Today I implore you to check your life for symptoms and even check deeper to discover the root cause. Your constant anger could be because of unforgiveness. Your clinginess to this particular person could be because you are trying to fill up a void caused by low self esteem or a traumatic childhood.

Talk to a professional and seek help. Do not just look or act good, I want you to be actually good.

Thank you so much for reading. Please do well to leave a comment below, like, share and follow for weekly updates. Remember God loves you like crazy.

Published by victoryadeyemi

Hey I'm Victory ( you should know that by now). I'm simple at heart, I love music and reading and recently someone told me I like food, so lets add that. Also I'm the daughter of a KING!! Lets connect: IG: victory_adeyemi FB: Vicky Adeyemi

8 thoughts on “SYMPTOMS

  1. You inspired me especially with that line— “…the focus of a natural man would be on the external as that is all he can see.”
    God bless you in Jesus’ name.

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