God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all

1 John 1:5

The natural man will sometimes need to use the physical things he can see, taste and touch to understand the spiritual which we cannot grasp. It is similar to the time when God called Himself “I am that I am”. There are other instances where various names where given to describe His infinite self, but the name ‘I am’ shows that there is no adjective accurate to describe His deity hence in order not to stress your earthly mind, know that God is who God is.

Going further in scripture, we are told that God is light, so, what are the properties of light which can make us understand Him more?

  1. Dispersion of light – Once light is passed through a prism it is separated into the colours of the rainbow. These 7 colours are distinct in their individuality yet blend perfectly into one. With this I can understand how the concept of trinity is not so complex. How three distinct beings can be completely united as one


It truly has been a minute. I want to apologize for taking so long to resume blogging. The major reason behind this is I have been working on having my own domain which you can find by following the link below https://victoryadeyemi.com/

I will be blogging from the self hosted domain now and would love you to continue this journey from there.

You can also catch the continuation of this particular post over there too

See you there! God loves you like crazy

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Hey I'm Victory ( you should know that by now). I'm simple at heart, I love music and reading and recently someone told me I like food, so lets add that. Also I'm the daughter of a KING!! Lets connect: IG: victory_adeyemi FB: Vicky Adeyemi

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