Mediocrity is a being in the middle kind of state. It is state whereby you are not very good but at least you made it above average. At least you tried. You are not hot but not cold either. You are a little lukewarm, a little too at rest. It is a very comfortable placeContinue reading “SKILL UP”


Phew! It’s another 365 days round the sun and it’s my blogversary too. We made it!!! In a bid to know ourselves better, here are 10 random things about me. 1) I’m a breakfast person: Do not be surprised to catch me eating cereals or bread by lunch time 2) I burn myself a lot:Continue reading “BIRTHDAY SEASON”

Have I lost my humanity?

I sat on different occasions in my room, sometimes I knelt scrolling through Instagram, checking all status update on WhatsApp, and scavenging the streets of Twitter.I am not a fan of social media, but in the past few days I have become a savvy. I have seen different videos and pictures -unedited, live images whichContinue reading “Have I lost my humanity?”


By the time this post would have been published #endSars would have trended across the world. At this point, the ‘lazy Nigerian youths’ and society at large have gotten to a point whereby they are fed up; by ‘they’ I mean us. People have turned up in their numbers on the streets and even aContinue reading “YOUR VOICE, YOUR POWER”


Nick Vujicic is not your regular motivational speaker. The first time I heard about him was in my youth church. One of his videos was played to encourage us that we can be anything we want to be irrespective of our short comings. I had never seen anything like him before and I was justContinue reading “OWN YOUR REALITY”


This past week has been full of tension as people expressed their raw emotions concerning the rape cases in Nigeria and the issue of racism across the world. As a Nigerian, I also was angry, I was also tired as I wondered how harder could it be for a young girl to find safety. TheContinue reading “FLAWED SOCIETY”


I have officially been staying at home for a week now. Im sure we are all aware of the pandemic ravaging the world. Schools, offices, market places have been closed in order to curb the spread of this virus. My prayer goes to those who have been infected and those in high risk areas. MayContinue reading “LIFE UPDATE: COVID-19”

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